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Hardwood Stain Colors Meant To Last in San Antonio

Feeling overwhelmed by the thought of staining your hardwood floors? Don’t worry – our expert team in San Antonio is here to guide you every step of the way! When our projects require a new coat of stain we use a special oil-based product. Not only does it result in a beautiful stain, but it also blends well with the natural grain of your wood floors. It’s easy to apply and sinks deep into the the wood’s pores to ensure the color lasts. The stain also helps seal off air pockets that could cause future warping or damage to your floor. 

Thinking your floors may require a different type of stain? We have plenty of gel stains and water-based wood stains to choose from! We offer an immense selection of stain colors to ensure you can find the perfect one for your San Antonio home – no matter what style it is! Call us today to learn more.

At our company, we guarantee that every stain option provided to our customers meets the GREENGUARD® standards for low chemical emissions. This promises a secure and healthy atmosphere in your family home throughout the duration of your hardwood floors’ lifespan.

Check out a few of the stains we have available for your hardwood floor renewal project:

Hardwood Floor staining in san antonio, tx
different color stains for different types of wood

Our Trusted Hardwood Floor Stain Brands

We only use brands that share our same high standards and values. Some of our preferred brands, shown above, are Minwax® and DuraSeal®. Our team does however offer you the opportunity to contact us if there is a color or brand you’d prefer that isn’t shown above. We will do our best to add it to our list of stain colors. You can see more of our available stain colors by visiting the Minwax website.

*The colors shown are for reference purposes only. They have been reproduced using digital production techniques and may appear slightly different once applied depending on multiple factors, including the lighting of the room and the type of wood to which the stain has been applied.